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Leicester's Active 4 Life campaign is designed to encourage young people and adults, aged 14 and over and living in the city, to make changes that introduce more regular activity into their lives. Leicester gets Active 4 Life helps to build activity into your day that keeps your heart healthy, reduce your risk of serious illness such as diabetes, and strengthens joints.

Cuttlefish developed the Android and iPhone App4Life for Leicester City Council to accompany this scheme. It allows people to track their progress and log any activity they have done that counts towards a 150 minute weekly exercise target.


  • Add Activity enables users to quickly log the date, type and duration of an exercise and add notes which is optional
  • The Diary provides a snapshot of all the various activities and duration undertaken in date order; allowing a user to keep a list of overall activity logged
  • In-app videos to provide ideas and demonstrate exercises
  • Tips section to provide useful information and motivation to participants
  • Contacts and links to additional fitness resources


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