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Get Revising


The aim of getrevising is to involve students actively in their own revision. It does this by providing interactive tools to plan revision, make revision notes and create a variety of revision resources such as quizzes, crosswords, wordsearches and more. It also provides a resource bank where these notes and resources can be shared among and discussed by the community.


  • Unique revision timetable creator – By entering their exam dates, a revision start date and any non-revision/exam commitments, Get Revising will automatically build a custom revision timetable for each user
  • Multiple resources from one set of notes – When a user uploads their revision notes to the site they can select key words and phrases which are then automatically converted to smaller, printable, A5 revision cards. A user only needs to create either a quiz, crossword, wordsearch, quiz-search or flashcards from their revision notes and Get Revising will automatically generate the other resources for them
  • "The Combinator" – Lets users pick and choose from Get Revising's huge library of resources to create a bespoke, targeted revision portfolio

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