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Workplace Challenge


The Active Together Workplace Challenge was aimed at organisations in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland to promote a more active lifestyle with offers of innovative methods to stay active. Free to join and comprising many tools, resources and support to help achieve your activity goals and compete for prizes along the way.

Their existing site was functional but, as often happens, the requirements had changed over time and could no longer be handled efficiently by the system they had in place. Deciding a new web provider had to be sourced, LRSport approached Cuttlefish with a brief to build a totally new flexible and extensible online system for the Workplace Challenge. Using our cPortals CMS along with several custom bespoke modules we did just that, working with LRSport to design the functionality needed by participants and organisers alike, as well as coming up with the visual design of the site and email newsletter based simply on the logo they had at the time.

Despite only having 8 weeks to complete this project the new site was built, tested, tweaked, polished and launched in time for the 2012 Workplace Challenge.


  • Activity Log – Users input the date, type and duration of activity and the site calculates their activity points and adds them to their total for the challenge
  • Active Travel – If an activity is for transport purposes (e.g. running to work instead of using the car) the user can log the distance travelled as Active Travel and the site will calculate the approximate amount of Carbon Dioxide saved
  • Leaderboards – Show users how they are faring alongside other challengers and allow filtering by activity, workplace and location as well as by activity points and Carbon Dioxide saved
  • Mini Challenges – Users can create their own workplace-specific or group-specific challenges with their own goals and leaderboards to help keep everyone active throughout the whole year
  • Mobile Optimised – Built with being "on the go" in mind, the site is fully optimised for mobile devices


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