Rutland Cider Company

The Rutland Cider company began in 2017 by the Grainstore Brewery who wanted to celebrate the small county and its rich culture. Our brief was to create a brand that looked and felt "reassuringly expensive".

The identity was developed simultaneously with the cider range. Imagining how the packaging would fit around the identity created a seamless approach that allowed The Rutland Cider Company to envision how the end product looked.

Services Used

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Illustration
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Product Packaging
  • Vehicle Livery


The logo was designed to fit in with the rich heritage of the brewery whilst placing the brand to have an up-market feel that would reassure the buyer in the quality of the product.

The Drinks

Illustrations were created for each of the drink flavours and set to a backdrop of rolling hills and iconic Rutland imagery. Each drink design is saturated in the colour of the fruit it is based on whilst carriying an unmistakable brand identity that is consitent across all the designs.

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