Get Revising

Get Revising is an award-winning student community site created in conjunction with The Student Room.

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The main aim of Get Revising is to involve students of all ages actively in their own revision. It does this by providing unique interactive tools to plan timetables and make revision aids such as flashcards and notes, using techniques informed by best practice. It also features a resource bank where notes and resources can be shared - so members are encouraged to help each other and, by doing so, help themselves through producing better quality notes and resources.


We worked with the Student Room to develop a unique timetable creator tool, which was the first of its kind, and has proven invaluable for the UK's GCSE and A-Level students.


Built using our bespoke cCMS framework, the GetRevising website is currently serving over 1 million visitors a month during exam season (at around 7.5 million pageviews). This site showcases both our strong community focus and the high scalability of our platform.