Joy Marsden

Joy Marsden, author of 'Keep Stepping!', has worked with many high profile professionals and brands across the world. We worked with Joy to redesign her website to coincide with a rebrand of her forward facing image.

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Having designed her previous website, we spoke with Joy to reevaluate her positioning over the past 5 years and what a refresh in identity could do to create a better recognised brand. We decided to re-design her image from the ground up to unify her offline and online communications going forward whilst retaining the fun and colourful personality of Joy herself.


Given the very nature of her name, we wanted to emphasise the positive emotion that Joy's name implies, and work to the strength that we understood most people know and remember her by. We flipped the bold / thin weights in her name to reflect this and created a new brand-mark for Joy that incorporated a speech bubble into word mark.

With new branding in place, we looked to rehaul the website so that it gave a greater focus to new users who can quickly get a feel for Joy's personality, discover her services and get in touch. The website caters for what to expect from Joy's public speaking events, and includes an online shop feature for taking one of her 'masterclass' courses or to buy one of her 'Keep Stepping!' range of books.


Using our own Content Management System, we built a bespoke online course for Joy's registered users to work through. Interested visitors can choose to purchase different course levels using a secure online payment system, before being guided through the accreditation. Videos are presented each step of the way, and users can view their progression through the steps.


"Overall, an excellent experience. I absolutely love the design of my new website. The Cuttlefish team gave great attention to detail and delivered on every aspect of the design. What a talented team you are ... thank you!"