The Services We Offer

UI / UX Design

In a saturated market, we know the importance of making your app stand out from the crowd. We develop highly diverse apps that cater for any industry or idea. Our portfolio showcases apps for both internal and customer facing use in sectors such as agriculture, sport and ecommerce.

First our UX designers create wire-frames to understand the user journey from start to finish. We design every screen and deliver this as an interactive prototype for testing and feedback before one line of code is even written. This is essential to ensure the best user experience.

iOS & Android

Apps are a great way of connecting your business to a younger audience and providing unique features that a website can't give you, such as push notifications, tailored content based on your location, uploading photos from your phone's camera and much more!

When developing for cross-platform it is important to deliver a brand identity that is seamless no matter the operating system (OS). Each app we design and develop looks to support the platform it is downloaded on so it fits natively within the surrounding User Interface (UI).

Regular Updates

Apps need to be maintained throughout their lifetime in order to stay functional and take advantage of new opportunities in the ever changing environment of technology. We're on hand to support you and happy to talk about any new ideas you have.

As the devices we use are constantly and rapidly evolving, it is essential your app follows new trends and doesn't fall behind with the times.

User Insight & Analytics

After we've launched your app, it's always a good idea to see how many people are downloading it and how engaged they are. We use a service that provides accurate download figures across a time span and how often people use your app.

These analytics are vital to retaining the success of your app and open up any discoveries that may lead to improving the user experience.

Interested? Tell us about your project

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