The Services We Offer

Cuttlefish Mapps

Cuttlefish Mapps is a solution for designing and delivering multimedia maps to desktop and mobile devices. It provides content owners with a set of easy-to-use tools for creating and managing location-based content.

Content can be fed to webpages or mobile apps via the Mapps API. We can offer off-the-shelf map viewers for desktop and mobile, or we can create bespoke viewers to suit your existing platform's look-and-feel.

Photo-realistic 3D Products

We have produced an e-commerce system that presents photo-realistic 3D models of a product that can be customised and rendered on screen, giving users full control over their purchase.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Investing in AR and VR technologies has allowed us to understand the endless application possibilities. Still in their infancy, we believe this space will transform websites and apps as we know them today.

Internet of Things

IoT is increasingly becoming a reality, especially with the roll-out of 5G where large numbers of consumer devices are connected to the internet and each other. We are experimenting with this technology through the creation of new digital artworks.

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