What We Do

Whether it's development or design, our approach to a project is always the same. However just like our name suggests, we're adaptable.WebsitesAppsDesignExperimental Technologies

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We've been designing websites since the beginning

Building bespoke, attractive and easy to use websites has been our focus for almost 20 years and this has given us a wealth of experience necessary to tackle any project.

Our own content management system, cPortals, gives users the power to manage their own content with easy to use tools to build content-rich websites.

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We build apps with precision and purpose

In a world increasingly reliant on smartphones and tablets, apps are becoming a vital tool for your customers to connect with your business.

We have a vast experience in developing both Android and iOS apps with our aim being to provide you with a simple, easy to use app that your customers can enjoy regardless of the platform they use.

Creative branding with print and digital design

We work closely with our clients, creating identities and campaigns for print and screen that communicate your message and inspire your audience.

Our illustrative skills and experience in these fields means we can seamlessly deliver high quality visuals across a full range of media.

Exploring the future of the Internet

In addition to our core services, we also do extensive research and experimental work in order to allow us to keep innovating in what we do. Projects vary from working with Virtual Reality and the exciting world of the Internet of Things to 3D Printing and building the technology behind art exhibitions and themed attractions.

This area of our work is led by Cuttlefish's founder Sean Clark, an award-winning digital artist, technologist and educator.