Owl Get It

A self-delivery service exclusive to Leicester, Owl Get It's concierges will get you anything you need and deliver straight to your door

Owl Get It


With big ambitions, Owl Get It asked us to expand upon their existing website into developing both an Android and iOS app in order to attract a greater number of customers. Our main objectives were to create a stunning design while ensuring the user journey was as simple as possible and integrate successfully with their existing website.


Due to the expected complexity of working within an existing technical architecture, we first had to understand the capabilities, flexibility and limitations of the existing website. After this we were able to develop the app through our usual practice of developing prototypes and involving Owl Get It in regular catch-ups to ensure the app could fully suit their requirements.


Due to the challenging nature of this project, we relished the opportunity to involve our skills in:

  • Android & iOS development
  • Integrating with external services through APIs
  • Integrating the Stripe payment gateway
  • Linking and with an existing technical architecture