Leicestershire Communities

Leicestershire Communities asked us to redesign their website that provides information on local community opportunities. They requested a refresh of their online platform to share news, issues, funding grants and other services to benefit their residents.

Services Used

  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation

Improved Admin Management

The Leicester Communities website is comprised of a number of microsites to present varied community services. Each microsite is managed by different staff departments and so it was important for us to build a way to provide consistency across the pages.

The new content structure therefore looked to use a consistent layout that was repeated across each of the services, and an overarching Site Administrator who can review all content for tone of voice before submitting it publicly live.

Website Redesign

We were provided with the client's branding package which we used to provide each microsite with their own coloured theme.

Users can now clearly navigate across the website and be aware of the change in section due to the colour change. To enhance the user experience we added high-resolution imagery and utilised white space to make the site feel clean and uncluttered.

Cuttlefish have provide us with fantastic customer service, support and advice for 3 community websites Leicestershire County Council provide; Leicestershire Communities, Oakleaves and LSR On-Line. From initial design of the site to ongoing maintenance and support, they have always provided us with a quality, efficient and friendly service.

- Nicola Green, Policy Officer, Leicestershire County Council

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