Secure-a-Field has a reputation for innovation and creativity in fencing and access solution products. We were asked to create a database to showcase their fencing solutions and allow prospective customers to request quotes.

Services Used

  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation

Product Database

We were asked for create a bespoke database to showcase this clients vast catalogue of products. Unlike usual eCommerce websites, we were tasked to build a way for site visitors to review all the features and put them into a 'quote creator' which is then reviewed by the Secure-a-Field team.

Visitors can filter by different product purposes, and determine installation options before committing to a purchase.

Website Design

The Secure-a-Field tea were very keen to show their products in use and so we ensured that the website was image led.

We also included a case study feed to showcase their latest satisfied customers and demonstrate how their products met their customers requirements.

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