Upstage Theatre Supplies

Upstage are suppliers of all event needs including Staging, Tiering, Lighting, Sound or Production Management. With over 40 years of experience with the best team in the business.

They also provide installation of theatrical drapes and tracking systems, and installation of lighting and sound equipment. Working within a variety of establishments including schools, places of worship, village halls and theatres, to name just a few.

Services Used

  • Brand Identity
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation

Identity Rebrand


The redesigned upstage logo presents theatre lighting in a whimsical yet professional manner by utilising an upbeat colour palette.

Taking this theme further, on the website the light beams cross the site to reinforce the branding.


Warm colours like deep blue stand for luxury and magic, whereas the razzmatazz shade then creates a stylish contrast by bringing out the deep tones.

Titles & Headings

An inventive and powerful font that fits the compelling concept.

Website Redesign

Through categories and case studies, this website showcases the services offered by Upstage Theatre Supplies. We made the decision early in the development process to make each category locatable from the landing page.

Regarding the design, we updated the site's appearance by integrating the new logo and impactful fonts, whilst utilising positive white space and high resolution imagery.

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