Charnwood Borough Council

Charnwood Borough Council asked us to develop their corporate website that provides a platform for residents to access services and find out more information about the Council. Due to the services offered, we were required to integrate the website with a wide range of external products to support the Council in their aim of establishing an online presence to handle customer queries and tasks.

Services Used

  • Bespoke Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation


Due to the organisation's size and need to integrate with other products, we developed the website in a structural method so that we could efficiently handle these integrations and future-proof the website to take advantage of new products as they emerge. For each service we developed a visual language of icons to help with identifying many the different ares of the site.


The website was developed on our cGov Content Management System however due to the size and complexity of the organisation we needed to apply further technology to address all the requirements:

  • Integrations with external products onto the website
  • APIs to power sections of the website
  • Custom development of MyCharnwood to provide a localised information hub for residents
  • Linking to Council GIS systems

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