Inspired to Care

The Inspired to Care project help social care providers to find and recruit frontline care professionals who have the right values and commitment to our sector. We do this by promoting the rewards of a career in care, signposting potential care workers to information and guidance, and by providing social care employers with tailored recruitment and retention resources.

Services Used

  • UI / UX Design
  • User Insight
  • Website Creation

Website Creation

We created a new website for the Inspired to care team. Our brief was to build something that was clean, easy to follow and enhanced their bright welcoming colours from their branding.

The site needed to be easy to follow so that users can find the correct advice with ease.

Career Questionnaire

We created up a custom element that gave the client the ability the create up a careers questionnaire. From the results the user is given advice on career opportunities, helping the customer journey and overall experience.

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