Making Every Contact Count

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) in an online course with resources to help teach people how to have healthy conversations about their wellbeing. The interactive elearning focuses on lifestyle issues such as; stopping smoking, being physically active, healthy eating, alcohol intake and mental health.

Services Used

  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation
  • eLearning

eLearning & Resources

We were tasked to build an eLearning platform that would be simple for a user to progress through on both desktop and mobile devices. Clear topic titles with defined sub-sections were created so that users can easily see their course progression, and we ensured that the system auto-saved their answers to allow them to complete the course at their leisure. We also built a resources tool where the website administrators can add and categorise documents for simple filtering by users.

Interactive Elements

For the eLearning course, we were asked to develop several interactive elements to better engage users and aid with their learning.

We developed cards that 'flip' on click to display further information, a mini-quiz where users try to match titles to descriptions, and interactive diagrams that reveal descriptions based on where the user clicks.

Working with Cuttlefish has been a great experience. They have turned our ideas into reality and created a website and an eLearning better than what we imagined. They have been very accommodating and listened to our thoughts and concepts, as well as bringing their own creativity and years of experience to the table. We would highly recommend them.

- Hollie Hutchinson, Programme Delivery Manager, Public Health, Leicestershire County Council

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