We were asked by Merchsmith, the sister company to Mojo Promotions, to bring our innovative skills along to research and develop a completely new idea for the promotional products sector.

Our brief was to create photo-realistic, isometric set views of products which customers of the website can edit with their own artwork to better see the end product and subsequently purchase. The product range included over 20 branded products, clothing items like Beanies, Hoodies and T-Shirts, to stationery and travel products, e.g. Ball-pens, Notepads, Postcards and Travel Mugs.

Services Used

  • Bespoke Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • User Insight
  • Website Creation
  • eCommerce


For this never been seen technology, we worked closely with several highly skilled CAD developers who created layered renders of each of the merchandise items. We then looked to convert and arrange these highly complex files to allow for the real time editing and rendering that the user would be able to do - all within their own browser. We called the tool that created this 'Anvil'.

User Experience

Along the project timeline the overall website design and user journey took several iterations to make sure we prioritised the customer experience of how they may best interact with viewing the products and creating their own merchandise. Throughout the process we believe to have tightened the whole shopping pathway to create a streamlined shopping experience that would leave the customer safe in the knowledge they had full control over the branding of their merchandise.

This monumental task and project took 12 months of hard work and dedicated teamwork to develop the website, using an array of new technologies to create outstanding, photo-realistic set views for potential customers.

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