Rosebery Wellbeing Centre

The Rosebery Wellbeing Centre aims to provide a versatile space for individuals and groups within its community to come together to promote Loughborough's wellbeing.

Services Used

  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation

Website Design

We were asked by the Charnwood Community Medical Group to design a website for their freshly remodelled Rosebery Wellbeing Centre. They desired to promote the Centre complete renovation and new facilities. Furthermore, they aimed for this to serve as a centre for information about classes and groups using the building.

Focusing on the history of the site as as former primary school, we developed a design that highlighted the Centre's bell tower. This iconic feature is known to the community and, combined with a bright colour scheme, provided a striking combination.

With a varied user base, the site also has a translation tool, font size modification button and clear icon use to aid navigation.

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