Simmons Optometrists

Simmons Optometrists asked us to bring their identity up-to-date whilst striking a balance between the wide demographic that use their services. We developed a bold new colour palette into their identity and marketing outputs to celebrate their long history and respond to a contemporary and fast moving customer base. We added animation to their logo for use on web and video applications to add a dynamic touch to their forward facing brand.

Services Used

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Marketing Campaigns


We were asked to bring the Simmons identity in line with their goals of becoming more of an approachable brand that appeals to people of all ages.

The Simmons logo uses the 'O' rings represent lenses often used in eye examinations. In this we saw the opportunity to bring the Simmons logo 'to life'. By animating the rings, it further plays on the simple idea and breathes a sense of fun into the logo identity.


The contrasting colours have been chosen to fit a brief of bringing the identity up-to-date to feel affordable and appealing to a wider audience.


Avenir Next has been chosen for all print communications to provide as a highly legible typeface that has a unique flexibility for headings and body text.


Using a combination of the Simmons brand assets, we created a poster advertising campaign that used a tongue-in-cheek style of delivery. The minimalist approach coupled with the Simmons colours and the bold 'Avenir Next' typeface made for impactful visuals that further strengthened the brand's identity in and around Rutland.

Can't speak highly enough of Cuttlefish - always deliver great design and good ideas on time and to budget - reliable and friendly, what more could you want!

- James Alexander, Optometrist and Practice Owner, Simmons Opticians

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