'Snacktivity' is doing small, but frequent, bouts of regular moderate-intensity physical activity (called 'activity snack'), so that you build up at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. This is what the NHS recommend as a minimum weekly physical activity goal.

We built a website, iOS & Android apps, and a Fitbit watch app to let users create and track goals, whilst getting notifications based on their movement to help them towards their progress.

Services Used

  • Android Development
  • Bespoke Development
  • CRM Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • User Insight
  • Website Creation
  • iOS Development

The SnackApp

We developed the 'SnackApp' to link with a paired smartwatch to give feedback on a user's Snacktivity Progress. The SnackApp provides the users with rewards when they have been active and sends prompts when they have been inactive a bit too long.

The app features a rich library of highly accessible activities that give useful tips on how you can incorporate Snacktivity into your every-day life.

Fitbit Integration

The smart watch is integral to Snacktivity for recording the user's activity. The client required the ability to send custom activity prompts and motivation messages as notifications which they could then record the resulting data. Based on this, we suggested the Fitbit Versa Lite was an ideal and accessible solution.

When a user is prompted to do an 'Activity Snack', the Fitbit Versa records whether the user performs the activity or not. Reminders are set until the activity is performed, and rewards provided as an incentive.

We designed a custom smartwatch face for the Fitbit Versa to link up to the app so users can check their activity and goal progress when on the go.


The SnackApp is packed full of useful features to help users get the most out of their Snacktivity experience.

My Goals

Users can set their own goals on either a daily or weekly basis. Alternatively they can let the app determine goals based on their activity levels using the auto goal setting function.

My Stats

Users can view and toggle recorded data across each activity metric in relation to their goals and compare that against someone else in their demographic.


We developed a forum to provide SnackApp users to connect and create a community with the aim of sharing tips and helping each other to be more active, more often.

Have been working with the team at Cuttlefish for over a year now on both apps and website, and they have always provided excellent service and a quality product. They have always gone above and beyond on our projects. Would highly recommend.

- James Sanders, Senior Research Associate in Behavioural Medicine, Loughborough University

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