Leicester Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of Saint Martin, is the residence of the Bishop of Leicester and resting place of King Richard III.

We were asked to create a new website with information for visitors and interactive features to showcase their fascinating artefacts and colourful history.

Services Used

  • Bespoke Development
  • Illustration
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation

Website Redesign

Leicester Cathedral underwent an extensive restoration and redevelopment project resulting in it's closure to the public for 18months. During this time, a catalogue of progress reports and images were taken to provide the public with updates on progress. Towards it's reopening date, we were contacted to provide a new website to present these images - but then went further to provide a brand new website showcasing all of the Cathedrals opportunities and events.

We were able to use the Cathedrals bold colour palette from their well recognised logo to produce powerful and vivid image assets for use across the site. Whilst the aim was to provide a contemporary vibe, our clients also expressed their desire to ensure that the history of the facility was included which we achieved using symbols from around the building's architecture.

Site Visit

Prior to the design phase, we were approved for a special visit to see the renovation work underway. This provided us with a better understanding the project scale as well as gain some inspiration for the visuals.

We were permitted to capture images of some of the sculptures and architecture which we incorporated into the design to highlight the Cathedral's stunning history.

Timeline and Artefact Gallery

Leicester Cathedral has a long and fascinating history that we were asked to present in a user friendly way. After providing designs for a variety of timeline options, we eventually settled on a method that could present data in a particular year or century. This was due to there being some gaps in the data from decades ago, but a lot of well catalogued recent history - and the two needed to present without years of blank entries.

We also built an artefact gallery to present items that were not only stored in the Cathedral but have also been found on the site itself. Even if people are unfamiliar with some of Leicestershire's discoveries, this provides a wonderful way for users across the globe to share in the antiquities.

Cuttlefish has proven to be an exceptional company to collaborate with. The team's innovative design ideas breathed life into our website, showcasing a fresh and inventive approach. Their support is consistently efficient, delivering clear solutions in a timely manner.

- Mary Green, Digital Manager, Leicester Cathedral

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