Leicestershire Weight Management

Leicestershire Weight Management provides a nutritional lifestyle programme to assist referred users with losing weight in a healthy way. The service uses a 12-week curriculum to track users' progress as well as provide tools and resources to continue the weight loss journey afterwards.

Services Used

  • Bespoke Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation
  • eLearning

Weight Management Programme

We developed a platform where users could be guided though a package of resources to support them to lose weight. A user-friendly dashboard provides a suite of tools to help them keep track of their progress and get advice for the future.

We created a BMI calculator, weekly progress photo gallery, personal goal chart, meal planner, shopping list and recipe guide, so that the user would be well-prepared to start an effective exercise regimen, alter their eating patterns and modify their way of life.

In order to foster a welcoming community and allow people to share their experiences, we also built a Forum where they can pose questions to support staff as well as share ideas with other participants.

Website Redesign

After receiving the branding, we were entrusted with modernising the website design.

We used a flat, natural-coloured approach for the redesign and emphasised each section with vibrant iconography and clear graphics.

Cuttlefish were a great partnership to work with. They had a great team with excellent skills which allowed us to develop a site that met our needs.

- Gemma Andrews, Public Health Project Officer, Leicestershire County Council

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