Loughborough Town Deal

The Town Deal project aims to regenerate town centres, boost businesses and improve infrastructure and connectivity. In total, 100 places around the country have been invited to bid for funding from the Government.

Charnwood Borough Council asked Cuttlefish to present the Town Deal plans for Loughborough on an accessible and easy to navigate website for public information and discussion. We also created a new visual identity for the project, with a new logo for branded materials.

Services Used

  • Brand Identity
  • UI / UX Design
  • Website Creation

Brand Identity


A complimentary palette made of strong, trustworthy blue hues


A complimentary palette made of strong, trustworthy blue's matched with a stand-out orange.

Titles & Headings

Effra has grotesque characteristics mixed with humanist design details which gives it a unique and distinctive appearance.

Website UX

Giving Loughborough a Voice

Armed with a library of great photography that showcases Loughborough's icons and landmarks, we were able to design a website that supported both the imagery and unmistakable branding for a cohesive approach.

A Place for the Latest Updates in News & Resources

A Loughborough Town Deal Board was formed and involves representatives from Charnwood Borough Council, Loughborough University, Loughborough College, Love Loughborough, Leicestershire County Council, the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership, Charnwood Together Economy and Skills Group, local businesses and MP's.

The team at Cuttlefish have been great from start to finish. From initial discussions about what we wanted from the website to logo designs, layout and colour palettes, and then down to the support we've received once the website went live, Cuttlefish have been collaborative, accommodating and patient throughout.

- Daley Francis, Communications Officer, Charnwood Borough Council

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