Monarch International

Monarch Knitting Machinery Corporation was founded in 1961 and is today widely recognised as being the world's leading supplier of single and double jersey knitting machines.

We were tasked to bring their backend operations up-to-date by developing a bespoke CRM with online product and stock management. A system which serves their websites, staff iPad app and public iOS & Android apps.

Services Used

  • Android Development
  • Bespoke Development
  • CRM Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • User Insight
  • Website Creation
  • eCommerce
  • iOS Development

Phone & Tablet Apps

Monarch asked us to create 3 websites, for their international site, USA and Europe coverage.

We also built five native apps: two public phone apps (iOS & Android), two staff phone apps (iOS & Android) and one staff tablet app (Android).

Each of the apps have different features such as managing knitting machine sales, fabric sample ordering, product scanning, QR code generation and stock management.

Machine & Fabric Database

We developed a database to manage all of Monarch's industrial knitting machines which could be filtered by products they can knit for prospective purchasers. We also created a secondary listing of fabrics so that purchasers could request samples for each machine.

Website administrators can add/update all database entries and view sample requests. They are then able to action the requests and update the system i.e. ordered, distributed etc.

Monarch is an international company and so we built the ability for website administrators from different countries to select which machines and fabrics to promote, and manage their own orders.

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