Sports Agents

Loughborough University's Professional Certificate Programme for Sports Agents is designed to meet the need for a comprehensive industry qualification that covers sports law, governance and business practices.

This unique programme – endorsed by the UK Association of Football Agents – is ideal for registered sports agents and anyone wishing to move into this sector.

Services Used

  • CRM Development
  • UI / UX Design
  • User Insight
  • eLearning

Hub and Forum

We created an online hub for both prospective and accredited agents to have a place where they can view their course details, contact their tutors and download learning resources.

A forum for students to discuss relevant and ongoing topics was also built to encourage engagement in a controlled environment. Administrators can add topic titles and tutors can provide support where requested.

Online Course

Users follow a 10 week online course that includes media such as video, Zoom calls and online tests. The content has been built to be 'time-locked' meaning that it is possible to restrict progression of the students to weekly sessions, or allow them to do it all at once as required. Users can track their progress and download resources as they become available.


Students are able to book and attend sessions, conferences and online Zoom calls throughout the academic year.

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